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The virtual assistant for providers of Applied Behavior Analysis-based instruction for individuals with autism.


Delivering, managing, and reporting on ABA-based intensive teaching programs for individuals with autism across sessions, instructors, and locations with current paper-based methods is inefficient, limiting and misses potentially useful performance details.


GAINS™ is a comprehensive guidance, assessment, and decision-support software program that automatically captures the date, time, location and outcome of each trial as it occurs—trial by trial. GAINS™ uses this granular data to:

  • • Streamline program selection and delivery
  • • Automate report production

GAINS™ does not replace clinicians and staff, it takes care of routine work and allows them to focus on the client.

Using GAINS™, staff can give their full concentration to clients, clinicians can discover previously undetectable performance trends, and managers can confirm that instruction is being performed in accordance with the instructional program.

What does GAINS™ do?

GAINS™ guides and tracks

GAINS™ guides ABA instruction and tracks performance in real-time with unprecedented detail and ease. GAINS™’s novel, unobtrusive response recording and seamless program-to-program transitions allow staff to focus on client instruction. Bulky program binders are consolidated into a tablet computer, and after-session reports can include detailed real-time performance data.

GAINS™ automates report creation

GAINS™ provides a variety of reports at the click of a mouse. Graphs and charts for reports to insurance companies as well as other clinical and management reports can be generated automatically from data gathered in real-time.