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Read our white paper: Using GAINS® to Overcome Problems in ABA Delivery


Eliminate the endless hand written after-session reports

GAINS® guides and tracks ABA instruction in real-time with unprecedented detail and ease. GAINS® seamless program-to-program transitions allow staff to focus on client instruction. Bulky program binders are consolidated into a tablet computer, and after-session reports can include detailed real-time performance data.

Audio guidance assists with every interaction

GAINS® can be tailored to meet specific client and staff needs. Record each activity or trial with tactile input and unobtrusive audio response avoiding any client distraction.

Output data that trends with client success and employee efficiency

GAINS® automatically retrieves and evaluates client progress and staff management reporting with clearly designed charts and graphs – allowing you to maximize the performance of your organization.

The first guidance and assessment software program designed exclusively for Applied Behavior Analysis instruction management

  • Captures real-time tracking of client performance
  • Eliminates repetitive data capture and time-consuming analysis
  • Automatically retrieves and evaluates client progress and staff management